Car Seats Donít Promote Good Body Posture

I’m sure you’ll agree with me that when you are in a car, you are more comfortable in a slouching position. The reason for this is because of the shape of the car seat. It is a very bad habit to slouch often since your back is not in the right position and this can cause back complications for you in the future. I think it is very dangerous for drivers since they may get used to slouching therefore, I suggest that drivers should always remember to keep their back straight.

You should always remember to keep your back straight even

when sitting down. It may be hard at first but when you get used to it, it will become a habit thus reducing chance that you will experience back soreness in the future.

Children are very prone to slouching so make sure to watch children and make sure to prevent them from slouching since it can be a

habit that is hard to take off in the future.

Cars have added many safety features for the past years, like the airbag, and now I would like to see cars in the next few years that have seats that promote good posture so that we may prevent back aches and back problems for us especially in the future.

Even though technology has vastly improved over the years, there still many negative effects of new technologies. They can really affect the health of us humans. At first, it may seem that we are okay and there is no problem. But soon, the problem could develop and make you get used to a bad habit that might be really had to stop. Therefore, we need to know what something can do to us before we use it, so that we can prevent a bad outcome.

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