Geographical Divisions Of Asia

These are the geographical divisions of Asia and the countries in each of them:(clicking on a country brings you to its wikipedia page)


1. North Asia- these countries are known to be rich in agricultural resources such as wheat and barley and cotton. Some of these countries are rich in mineral deposits. These countries are also involved in herding.










2. East Asia- These countries are known to be mountainous since they are near the Pacific Ring of Fire, which means there are frequent earthquakes in this area. Some of these countries are rich in

natural resources while some are not. Most of the countries in this place have very good education systems thatís why some of them are successful countries and have a good economy.



-North Korea

-South Korea




3. Southeast Asia- These countries are near the equator thus they have tropical climate making agriculture their source of income and rich in agricultural resources but some of these countries are having a hard time to progress because of the wrong use of the resources. One example is many of the forests in Southeast Asia are being destroyed due to deforestation. These countries are trying hard to make education accessible to all the people.

-Vietnam -Laos -Myanmar -Cambodia -Malaysia -Philippines -Singapore -Indonesia -Brunei -East Timor -Thailand


4. South Asia- These countries are rich in natural resources, but they are having a hard time to progress. Education of the primary students is okay, but there has been a low enrollment for secondary education. Some countries here that have a good literacy rate is Maldives and Sri Lanka.

-Pakistan -India -Nepal -Bangladesh -Sri Lanka -Bhutan -Maldives


5. Southwest Asia- Most of these countries are known because of their large oil and natural gas deposits, and due to this, many of them have become very rich. Also, most of the countries here are Arab countries, which means they are countries that have Islam as their main religion. The countries in this area are known to have knowledge deficit.

-Israel -Jordan -Cyprus -Afghanistan -Iraq -Iran -Kuwait -United Arab Emirates -Qatar -Oman -Yemen -Bahrain

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